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How to learn to communicate with peers

To adapt to the new conditions of existence, prepare the child in advance. If he spent all the time up to this point only with his family, it would be difficult for him to develop communication skills.
Teach your child to meet, this is the first stage of the beginning of communication. People are divided into introverts and extroverts. Someone easy to come up and start a conversation with a stranger, the other will prefer to spend time alone. If your child has the features of an introvert, teach him to meet. Play with him with role-playing games using his favorite toys. Let the teddy bear (voiced by the child) ride on a swing, and the hare (speak for it yourself) wants to make friends with it. Show your child dating options - how to approach and what to say. Then swap roles with him. Explain that when you try to make a new friend, you definitely need to smile. And if the child receives a refusal, then you should not be offended. You can invite a friend to visit to play with him, and already in the process of the game to get acquainted. Role-playing games baby will perceive better than educational conversations.
Show your child the benefits of communication by your own example. Children learn a lot by looking at their parents and adopting their behavior. If you have friends with whom to have a good time, this will be the best example of friendship. In the process of communicating with your child, tell me how and with whom you were friends in childhood. He wonders what his parents were like at his age. With the help of such stories it is possible to clarify to a child questions of relationships with other children, without resorting to notations and moralizing.
From an early age, teach him to communicate with children of friends or neighbors. Get the tradition to invite them to visit, arrange joint trips to the circus or the zoo. Over time, this can develop into a real adult friendship. But even if this does not happen, the child will receive the basics of companionship withpeers. Pay attention to your baby on how nice it is to do something good for a friend. Bake a cake with your child for his arrival or draw a birthday card. The baby should be laid moral qualities adopted in society.
In the process of communication is very important to observe a sense of proportion and tact.Teach a child to these concepts from an early age. Explain that you can not spend a whole day visiting friends, because they may have their own business. Also teach not to impose your society on people without their invitation, use the same role-playing games with toys for this.
Clearly show your child examples of communication withpeers, browse cartoons with him and read friendship books. Your task is to make the kid himself understand which of the characters is doing well and who is doing badly. Good books and cartoons will bring intelligible lessons on how important it is to be able to be friends and be a reliable friend yourself.
Prepare your baby to communicate withpeers.

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Body Language When Communicating With Peers : Life Coaching Tips
How to learn to communicate with peers

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