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How to love others

Get rid of the negative towards others: do not think badly of them, do not criticize. It is impossible to love those about whom you think with displeasure, scorn or anger. Mentally send people good and tune in to a positive - this, firstly, will be expressed in words, and you will be better to treat others, and secondly, without malice and a gloomy face, they will reach for you. Love the people who are to you, is not difficult.
Change your mind about others - they are just as interesting people as you are. You can make sure of this with the help of a regular conversation: find points of contact, that is, topics that are important both to you and your interlocutors, ask about hobbies that may well turn out to be similar. You have more in common with others than you think, because they probably watch movies, series, read books, follow the news or enjoy music. As soon as you become interested in people, you will love them, and it will be mutual.
Be indulgent to the faults of others.You do not like what you are discussed behind your back, delving into the past or personal life, but the people with whom you are in contact will always be interested in what is happening in your home, because they are what they are. You do not change them, but this is not a reason to stop communicating with them - just change your attitude to the situation and do not take it so seriously. Remember that you also have weaknesses that others forgive, while continuing to love you, so love you too.
Find positive qualities from others. People value each other mainly for the good things they see in a person. Be grateful to a colleague who greets you every day with a smile, despite the early morning, or to a neighbor who gave you a letter that came to him in the box by mistake. Pay attention to such seemingly insignificant trifles, because people consist of them, because if others do not save lives every day, but this does not mean that there is nothing for them to respect and love.
Do not make premature conclusions. If you have not been called back by an acquaintance who promised to do this, do not judge him in the heat of the moment, but figure out the situation - perhaps his phone is dead or he is sick. Give others a second chance.If the same person deceives and disappoints again and again, then stop communicating with him, but do not generalize other people in his person. Do not forget that among others there are people who lie, do not keep their word, gossip, etc., but this is not a reason to disengage from people and not to love them.

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How to love others

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How to love others

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