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How to make a beautiful dish

To decorate dishes, use both fresh and ready-to-eat vegetables. So that some vegetables do not lose their attractiveness, they are not specially processed. For example, turnips are ideal for creating white compositions, and beets for red ones. Lettuce, mint, greens, leeks, cucumbers or sweet peppers are successfully used to form the “leaflets and stems” of a culinary bouquet. From lemons, oranges, watermelons, melons, avocados, you can make bulk baskets, boats and boats.
Try to makedishand its decoration complemented each other. For example, potatoes in the form of fungi or flowers will perfectly complement the meat product. A lemon rose can decorate seafood dishes. In addition, color is the main tool in creating and emphasizing the taste of food. When applying dyes, give preference to natural products: saffron, paprika, curry, beet juice, mayonnaise, tomato paste, etc.
To achieve the greatest effect, discard a large number of ornaments. Some dishes look much more spectacular in their natural form, so do not overload them with excessive trim.
Carefully plan the location of all decorative elements in advance. Choose a dish that does not distract attention from the dish itself. Here the important role played by the color and shape of the plates. If you doubt the correctness of your choice, give preference to white color. Wipe the edges of the plate thoroughly before serving.
Lightly grease meat, fish and poultry dishes with vegetable oil. Thanks to this, the fried crust will acquire a special appetizing shine.

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Images: How to make a beautiful dish How to make a beautiful dish
Images: How to make a beautiful dish How to make a beautiful dish