How to Make a Paper Boat | Origami Boat | Origami Step by Step Tutorial

How to make a boat

How to make a simple boat out of paper

The child can make a boat out of a sheet of A4 paper.
Main stages:

  1. Fold the sheet in half, mark the middle of the vertical bend.
  2. The top corners are folded to the line of inflection.
  3. Remaining from the bottom of the strip bend up on both sides, bend the cuffs up.
  4. Pull the center points at the base of the triangle, turning it into a square.
  5. The bottom corners are bent up on both sides to form a triangle again.
  6. Pull the center points at the base of the triangle, again converting it to a square.
  7. Holding the top corners of the square, stretch it into the boat.

How to make a twin-tube boat

In childhood, the twin-tube boat, which could be made from A4 paper, was no less popular.

  1. From a sheet of A4 paper is made a square sheet.
  2. Fold and unfold the sheet diagonally to find the center of the square.
  3. The four corners of the square gently fold to the center, the result is a smaller square with marked diagonals.
  4. Turn the square over and fold all the corners to the center again.
  5. The resulting new square again turn over and bend the corners to the center.
  6. Again, turn the square and place it angles up and down.
  7. We turn the lower and upper corners out, they form the tubes of the ship.

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How to make a boat

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