How to make a Rubber Band powered Car - Air Car

How to make a car out of candy

Materials and tools

To create a candy car will require:
- Dolci mini chocolates,
- pink and gold corrugated paper,
- cardboard,
- 4 round chocolates,
- PVA glue,
- hot melt glue
- scissors,
- double sided tape,
- pencil,
- ruler
- compasses.

Assembly sequence

The mini-chocolates used have a size of 7.5 x1.5 cm, so when creating the base, be guided by the numbers above. Cut out two identical rectangles that will become the side parts of the car.
For cutting out three pieces for the middle of the car, it is better to use cardboard with an internal fold. The main criterion for cutting will be chocolate. The resulting parts are interconnected with double-sided tape.
Cut a strip of pink color out of corrugated cardboard. The length and width of the strip determine the size of the machine. Glue to the surface so as to form a small hem. Cut out the details for the sidewalls and glue on the vehicle blank.Cut out the detail for the front glass from the golden corrugated cardboard. Cut and paste 4 windows from the same cardboard.
It's time to start gluing chocolates. For this you can use a heat gun or double-sided tape. Please note that the inscription on the candy should be located in one direction.
Using a compass, draw 8 circles, which will later become the wheels of the candy artwork. Cut out larger circles from golden cardboard to be able to bend. Glue the paper to the cardboard and glue the two circles together.
Glue round candy headlights in front.

Sweet foam machine

If you have a sufficient amount of foam, you can use it as a base. To do this, cut out the blank from a single piece or individual parts using a clerical knife. To make the car proportional, print out a car of a suitable shape and size in advance and try on the blank during the manufacturing process.
In order for the construction to gain strength, glue the rectangle of foam plastic at the bottom, decorate it with wrapping paper.For such a car, you can use not only rectangular shaped chocolates, but also round chocolates. If after sticking candies there were unattractive gaps, fill them with glitter glue.

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How to make a car out of candy

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