Making a picture frame (make molding on the table saw)

How to make a frame

You will need
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Knife
Cut out two identical cardboard rectangles from the resulting pattern. One set aside. On the second, measure 6 cm from each side and connect the marks with lines so that in the center of the cut out rectangle a new one will turn out.
Carefully cut out the shape of the lines. The resulting hole will serve as a window for photos, so be extremely diligent.
To make a frame, let's return to the rectangle of cardboard that we set aside earlier. On its three sides, swipe along the strip of glue. Through the side that will not be coated with glue, you will insert a photo into the frame, so choose carefully. You do not want the picture to fall all the time?
Now glue the two cardboard rectangles and wait until they are completely dry.
From the remnants of cardboard (a small rectangle that you cut out earlier) make a stand for the frame - just a triangle of cardboard glued with a sharp angle up to the inside of the frame.
Now frame the photo.

Video: How to make a Unique Photo Frame at home

Images: How to make a frame How to make a frame
Images: How to make a frame How to make a frame