Say This To A Girl To Capture Her Attention

How to make a girl draw attention to themselves

Surprisingly, but a fact - men begin to notice the hidden signs of attention from women, only reaching the age of 50. Younger people “prefer” to remain in ignorance.
So, carefully monitor the behavior of the girl you like. If you notice that from time to time she straightens her hairstyle, pulls a curl of hair around her finger, licks her lips or plays with small objects - feel free to set off to conquer her heart.
If this does not happen, you will have to try to interest your beloved. First, watch your facial expressions and movements. Your expression should remain open and friendly.
Secondly, pay attention to the mood of the girl, try to stay with her on the “one wave”. It will be embarrassing if you start making obscene jokes when she is angry, or complain about life when the girl is in an elevated mood.
Third, don't be too intrusive.Too many compliments, touches can only push the interlocutor. For example, do not immediately seek to stroke the girl's face, hair or neck. These gestures are more penetrating and intimate.
To show your interest in the lady, correct your suit, tie or other item of clothing. Tidying up your appearance, you give the girl to understand that you are not indifferent to her, and you care about your impression.
Maintain eye contact. While talking to a girl, nod your head easily, agreeing with her words. So you can show your interest in the conversation. In no case do not yawn, do not look at the clock and do not look around in search of something more interesting.

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How to Get Girls To Approach YOU | Attract Girls Without Talking To Them
How to make a girl draw attention to themselves

How to make a girl draw attention to themselves

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