How to make a haircut on medium hair at home

Medium-length hair can be smoothly combed back, lay curls, waves. The simplest hairstyle is to pick up the strands behind the ears, and fix them at the side or back with hairpins or invisible hair. For festive exits in an evening dress it is permissible to use false curls, they will help make the hair more luxurious and voluminous. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment with your hair.
Hair "Frenchwoman"
Try on a festive occasion to make a stylish hairstyle "Frenchwoman". This type of styling is ideal for medium and thin hair. Due to the low tension of the strands, the desired effect of fluffiness and volume is easily created here.
Before creating any styling strands need to be washed. It is necessary to wash your hair with the use of an air conditioner, if you have time, apply a hair mask. It is advisable to let your hair dry itself, but you can help with a hairdryer, only then use a cold stream of air and keep the hairdryer no closer than 40 cm from the strands.
To create the “Frenchwoman” styling, make a parting in front - straight or zigzag, according to your desire. Ordinary comb, starting from the top, hold it strictly in the middle of the head.
On the right side of the head, collect the hair with a rubber band so as not to interfere. On the left side, divide the strands into 3 parts and begin to weave a French braid. To do this, in the usual braid weave extra strands from the parting and from the face. Fix the tip with a rubber band and begin to weave similarly on the right side of the parting. When braiding the braids, do not tighten the strands too tight, enough to keep their shape. Scythe should be fluffy.
When both braids are ready, cross them at the bottom of the neck and slaughter them with stealth, while tucking the tips of the strands imperceptibly under the hair.
Make a braid in her hair is not very tight will help flat comb. Pull the straps down a little and fan them out. Similarly, unevenness and asymmetry in the weave on both sides are removed. Having thus straightened the hairstyle, in the end lightly spray the styling with varnish and carefully remove the thin side strands with your fingers.
Original braid
The original braid will look spectacular on the hair of medium length, this option is more suitable not for everyday styling, but for evening out. With such an unusual oblique admiring glances you are guaranteed.
Clean your hair, comb it back or part it. Take away the thin strands on the sides and tie them in the back with a thin elastic band. It is advisable to choose a gum to the hair color or silicone. Just below take another two of the same strands and similarly connect them with an elastic band. Repeat the process as desired two or three times.
Greek styling
Putting on a drop-down tunic, try to complement the image of Greek styling on medium hair. Notes of ancient Greece today in trend, moreover, it is a great way to show your delicate feminine nature.
Make a direct or side parting. Screw curls curling. Strands on the top you need to comb a thin comb. Put a bandage on your head for a Greek hairstyle. Straighten a thin strand on one side of your face. Wrap it around the elastic and gently hide the tip. Repeat the same steps on the other side. Hair is ready.
Fast hairstyle in the style of the 90s
The solemn evening does not end the life of a stylish girl. Even going to the store, meeting friends or taking a walk with the dog, I want to look well-groomed. With this goal copes fast hairstyle in the style of the 90s. Comb your hair back. Just above the temples, pick up part of the strands and collect them at the crown. The remaining curls should cover the ears. Tie the tail, pulling the strands out to the end, leaving a loop. Divide the tail in half and transfer the tips through the resulting bundle. Secure it with studs. Laying ready.
Hairstyle heroine Japanese anime
Parting straight. Collect the two tails, leaving two free curls on the face. Twist the harness from the first tail. Lay the harness with a snail, without removing the tips, but leaving them free to hang. Secure the snail invisible. Repeat the same with the other tail.
Medium length curly hair styling
Separate the part of the strands from the face. The rest of the hair gather in a ponytail. Tie it with a rubber band. Twist the curls in a bundle and secure the design with pins. Twist the rest of the hair into a soft braid, gradually picking up strands into it. Wrap the bundle with a harness and secure with studs.
Elegant hairstyle
Another option for medium-length hair for a ceremonial exit is styling created by tying knots. Make a side parting. On one side of it, take two not very wide strands and tie them in a knot. Separate the new strand and tie it to one of the ends of the previous knot. Continue to knit the knots, adding new curls and tying them to the existing tips. Having engaged half of hair, fix the turned braid an elastic band. Repeat the same on the other side for the remaining strands. Take both braids from the knots by the tips. Tie them in a knot at the back of the head. Secure all the studs.
Hollywood waves
To create this hairstyle you will need a curling iron for large curls. Separate strands with a side parting. Twist the curls on the curling iron, starting from the back of the head. In this case, the curls should be formed in one direction. This is the only way to get the necessary Hollywood waves. When all the hair will be twisted, gently comb it with a comb. Correct their position and, if necessary, curl the ends of the hair inward again.

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How to make a haircut on medium hair at home

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How to make a haircut on medium hair at home

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