Round wooden frame for a mirror DIY

How to make a round frame in 2019

You will need
  • - thick cardboard;
  • - decorative paper or tissue flap;
  • - PVA glue / paste / BF-6 / rubber;
  • - office knife and scissors;
  • - ruler;
  • - compasses;
  • - loop for hanging pictures or rope;
  • - hole puncher;
  • - decorative elements or natural materials.
Select an image (photo, drawing, embroidery, etc.) suitable for a round frame, and take measurements from it. Determine the size of the inner and outer diameters of the frame. For images with many small details, a narrower frame is suitable, and for large objects - a frame with wide margins.
On the received sizes draw and cut three preparations. The first - a ring of cardboard - the basis of a round frame. It is necessary to paste over the base with beautiful decorative paper or fabric. To do this, cut out the selected finishing material using the cardboard base of the frame, the second blank - a ring with allowances for hem on the outer and inner edges. It will look good frame, pasted over with a snow-white drawing paper or monochromatic calico fabric.Choose a finish that matches the style and underline the image placed inframe.
To glue the cardboard base, first make a notch on the blank of decorative paper or fabric - cut the allowances around the entire circumference with small teeth. This will allow the paper or fabric to be evenly turned along the rounded edge of the frame. If the fabric is elastic, then you can do without notches - it already fits the shape of the frame.
Cut the third blank from the cardboard - the substrate for the image - a circle with a slightly smaller (a couple of millimeters) diameter than the outer diameter of the frame. From above on the details of the substrate, make a semicircular notch the size of your thumb to easily remove the contents of the frame. Just below the hole punch, pierce the four holes, into which you pass a string or cord to hang the frame on the wall. You can glue a special finished metal loop with a glue gun.
Now you can proceed to the assembly of the finished product. Put the decorative frame wrapper face down, place the cardboard base on it, combining the parts (allowances for the bend of the decorative part evenly protrude beyond the edges of the cardboard base of the frame).Wrap the upper half of the cardboard base with paper or cloth, successively gluing the teeth of the stock to the outer diameter of the main frame part. Glue the seam allowance on the inner diameter completely. For paper, it is better to use PVA or rubber glue, and for fabric - a starch paste or BF-6 glue.
On top of the base part, lay the backing upside down. The remaining not curved teeth of the seam allowance of the decorative part are glued, seizing already two parts - the base and the backing. Thus, between these details of the frame there is a “pocket” in which you can place your image.
Imagination can tell you other design options for round-shaped images. For example, an old alarm clock or a room barometer will turn your photo into a unique mini-installation. Vinyl and CDs as photo frames with round photos of mega-stars pasted on them will decorate the interior of an avid music lover.

Video: How to make a Round Picture Frame

Round Photo Frame out of Paper
How to make a round frame in 2019

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