Learn how to give an intramuscular injection

How to make a shot intramuscularly to a person

Wash your hands, and then wipe them with alcohol.
Prepare the necessary tools and materials: two trays - for sterile and waste material, cotton balls moistened with alcohol, a syringe, a prescribed preparation, and a file for opening the ampoule.
Read the instructions for use of the drug, you should pay attention to the expiration date and how it should be entered. For example, the oil preparation you will need to heat to body temperature. All these features are indicated on the packaging. The syringe should be for intramuscular injection of 5 or 10 ml, depending on the dose of the medicine.
If the drug for the injection is made in powder form, then it should be diluted with novocaine, which is sold in ampoules, or distilled water. Take a syringe and two needles. Take a vial of liquid, draw it into a syringe, rub the rubber cap of the powder vial with alcohol and inject liquid there.Shake the contents until dissolved. In the syringe, take the medicine, and then change the needle.
If the medicine is in ampoules, shake the ampoule, knock lightly on its tip, wipe the tip with alcohol. Saw the file handle base of the ampoule. If you find a paint spot on the ampoule, then there is already a cut there, in a narrow place. Break off the tip of the ampoule with a piece of fleece.
Open the packing of the syringe and put a needle on it. After that, remove the needle cap, enter the syringe into the ampoule and collect the drug.
Raise the syringe vertically, needle up, and tap it lightly to collect all the air bubbles at the top. Then release the air from the syringe - liquid should splash out of the needle.
Determine the location of the injection: it is easiest for a beginner to inject into the upper outer portion of the buttock, but injections are also allowed into the anterior outer portion of the thigh.
Disinfect the injection site with alcohol.
Stretching the skin at the injection site, quickly and firmly at right angles, insert the needle ¾ of its length into the muscle. Note that the needle must reach the muscle. Insufficiently deep injection may cause subsequent inflammation.
Slowly pressing on the plunger of the syringe, inject the medication - the slower, the less likely it is the formation of a lump at the injection site.
It is necessary to remove the needle with a quick movement, at the same angle from which it was inserted. After that, wipe the injection site again with alcohol.

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How to Give Yourself an Intramuscular Injection
How to make a shot intramuscularly to a person

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