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How to make a simple sugar syrup

Syrup, which is also called "simple", is prepared by dissolving sugar in water. Using sugar syrup instead of pouring sugar into spoons directly into the drink, you will get a more accurate and uniform degree of sweetness, and sugar crystals will not settle to the bottom of the glass like dirty sand. Most cocktails use syrup with equal proportions of sugar and water, but if you want to make a thicker and more saturated syrup, you can change the proportions.
Simple sugar syrup:
1. Hot water: Measure one cup of water and pour it into the pan. Bring water to a boil.
2. Add sugar: Measure one cup of sugar and add it to the water. Reduce heat to low, so that the mixture does not boil.
3. Dissolve sugar: Stir sugar with water until sugar is completely dissolved.
4. Cool the liquid: After the liquid has cooled, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month.
Try to use brown sugar with molasses content, which is made from raw sugarcane juice. Such sugars are produced in exotic by ear types, such as turbinado, demerara and moscavado. Alternatively, add a couple of tablespoons of lime, lemon or orange zest, slices of fresh ginger, sliced ​​along a vanilla pod, or two cinnamon sticks. Let the mixture simmer for about five minutes, then cool and strain the syrup.
Experimenting with simple syrup or intricate improvisation based on a simple recipe, you can balance the bitter or sour taste of the drink.

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How To Make Sugar Syrup
How to make a simple sugar syrup

How to Make Sugar Syrup for Cocktails and Drinks
How to make a simple sugar syrup

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