How to Make a Formal Suit from Hemp, Cotton, Alpaca, Silk, & Wool | HTME: Remix

How to make a suit of the Snow Maiden

You will need
  • Blue fabric 150 cm wide and about 300 cm long;
  • Lining fabric is about 260 cm long;
  • Adhesive pad;
  • Buttons;
  • Shoulder pads.
Cut the coat on the pattern presented on the link: Remove the length in accordance with its size and length of the finished coat, and also exclude details of the hood.
Decorate the seams of the back, lay the finishing line on the front side.
Cut the seam allowances in the corners of the burlap lining fabric diagonally. Pull the pockets into the pockets. Attach the middle of the shelf to the side and stitch with the burlap pocket. On the face, make a finishing line. Baste the burlap cuts to the shelves.
Sew off the shoulder and upper seams of the sleeves, pick-up and turn-in of the neck.
Fold the stack and the front sides of the shelves, pin it to the side cuts. Pin the sections of the collars. Pull out the coat, smooth the allowances.
Sew the sleeves on the sides, hem the coat, sew the pick to the hem. Sew sleeves and sew shoulder pads.
Sew the parts from the lining, stitch to the inner cuts, hem. Throw loops on the right shelf, sew buttons to the left. Decorate your coat with patterns from lurex, sparkles, tinsel.
Make a hat from the same fabric. Calculate your size using the formula: head circumference + 3: 6. This is the width of each of the six wedges. Height is measured from ear to crown.

Video: How to make a Savile Row Suit (Part 1) – with Anderson & Sheppard | FASHION AS DESIGN

Suit/Kameez Cutting Very Easy Method Step By Step
How to make a suit of the Snow Maiden

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