Money tree of coins. How to make handmade gift for friends/ Еще одно денежное дерево/ СЕРБИЯ БЕЛГРАД

How to make a tree of coins with their own hands

You will need
  • - flower pot;
  • - coins of the same value;
  • - Three balls of foam;
  • - building plaster;
  • - thick threads;
  • - gold brocade;
  • - decorative flowers of gold color;
  • - 39 small beads;
  • - three large beads;
  • - six bead caps;
  • - strong wire;
  • - thin wire;
  • - glue gun with glue;
  • - spray can with gold enamel.
Prepare your workplace, make sure that you have everything you need to create a tree of coins.
Take a foam ball and wrap it with a strong thread. Secure the threads with hot glue. Do the same with the remaining two balls.
Take a thin wire about 30 centimeters long, fold it in half. String 11 small beads on it, then take both ends of the wire in your hands, string a bead hat on them, then a large bead, then a bead hat again, then two small beads. It turned out a loop for the ball.Now connect the loop with the ball together: wind the ends of the wire around the ball and fasten. In the same way, make two more loops and fasten them with balls.
Take a strong wire, cut from it three pieces of about a meter in length and gently bend the ends of each wire into original curls. Here you can show imagination.
Dilute the building plaster to a thick cream, pour the mixture into a previously prepared flower pot, place the wire with curls in the center and let the plaster dry. In places where the wire touches each other, fasten it together.
Wrap a gold-colored daisy tape in a spiral, pre-coated the wire itself with glue.
Put the coins on the tray, pre-cover it with a cloth, and paint them with gold enamel. Let the coins dry out.
Evenly paste the foam balls with coins, trying not to leave gaps. Decorate blanks with artificial flowers.
On top of the plaster pot also place gold coins and glue them.
Gently hang the manufactured balls onto the wire. A tree of coins is ready.

Video: how easy to make money tree of coins. topiary

DIY Money tree How to make Money tree of coins Денежное дерево из монет своими руками
How to make a tree of coins with their own hands

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