10 BEST Compliments | Conversation Starting Compliments For Both Men & Women

How to make compliments

Honesty. It is honesty and truthfulness that compliment is different from approval and flattery. Only a slight (quite a bit) exaggeration of the qualities that the interlocutor wants to note in a particular person (for example, a man in a woman) is permissible. By the way, maybe he is not going to embellish, but he really thinks so ...
Depth. A skillfully made compliment allows speculation in the right direction. For example, it is enough to say to the girl “What a beautiful dress you have”, as she instantly draws a picture. If the guy marked the dress, thinks up the girl, it means that he appreciated her impeccable taste, and the shape, and the image as a whole. Favor is provided.
Conciseness. A compliment must be accurate and concise. One single thought is admissible in it (at least two). If you begin to praise at once, and appearance, and mind, and cordiality, and nobility, the words "spread out" and lose all meaning. It will be an ode, not a compliment.
Accuracy. When dubbing a compliment, doubleness is unacceptable.For example, you can not say "You are so pretty!" Even completeness does not spoil you. ” Be sure, the girl will accept only the second part of the phrase, and the first may be considered a mockery in the light of the second.
Empathy. The so-called ability to mentally stand in the place of another. If you want to give a compliment to a person, imagine that you are him and that you would like to hear about yourself in his place. So you most clearly understand that it is better to note - luck in amorous things or professionalism, success in school or the achievements of children.
Witnesses. A compliment made in front of witnesses gains more significance than what has been said face to face. That's the way a person is - he longs for social recognition and approval of his qualities. If your successful compliment has sounded “in public”, you should know whether you will be grateful or rewarded (with a bonus, a kiss, a grateful look, an increase - depending on the situation).
Individuality. In other words, - personification, specific direction. It’s not enough to say “How beautiful you are”, it is necessary to highlight something in appearance, in character, in the inner world of the interlocutor, that he will perceive as something peculiar only to him (“How beautiful your hair is!” Or “ extraordinary eyes! ”).

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Images: How to make compliments How to make compliments
Images: How to make compliments How to make compliments
Images: How to make compliments How to make compliments