How to make explosive potion in Minecraft

How to craft a cooking rack and flasks

Alchemical experiments are impossible without the appropriate equipment. The hob can be created from three cobbles by placing them on the bottom row of the workbench. In order for it to work, a fire rod must be placed in the center.

Flasks can be obtained by killing the witch, or make them yourself. For this you will need glass blocks created from ordinary sand melted in a furnace. Placing three blocks in the form of the letter V on the workbench, the hero will receive a flask for potions.

Minecraft Potions Recipes

First you need to make a basis, the so-called primary potions. They differ in different properties, and they often have no effect. By mixing a hellish growth and water in water, you can get an Awkward potion. From the water and the cut spider's eye, you get a potion of weakness, it reduces losses in battle by half.

On the basis of the primary formulations are made secondary.For example, if you add a sparkling watermelon to Awkward, you get an instant healing elixir, and in combination with magma it will give a fire resistance potion. To make a power potion in Minecraft, in addition to Awkward, you will need fire powder, and to get a poison you need a spider's eye.

How to make explosive potion in Maycraft

Any potion can be multiplied. Adding red dust to it only slightly changes the scale of the action, and the explosive effect will give multiple multiplication - it will work on 5 blocks in all directions. This is especially important in combat, when you need to neutralize or weaken the enemy, or add health to the allies.

So, in order to craft an explosive potion, you just need to combine any composition with gunpowder on the cooking rack. How does an explosive potion work? It increases the strength of the impact base. For example, by using poison, all mobs within an explosion will be disarmed, and the use of a medicine will cure all allies.

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Minecraft - Advanced Potions With Only One Command! (super powerful potions)
How to make explosive potion in Minecraft

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