Strawberry Ice Cream -- Fast & Easy Strawberry Ice Cream - Eggless Ice Cream Recipe

How to make strawberry ice cream at home

Strawberry ice cream

Ingredients for cooking:

- 2 tbsp. l vanilla sugar;

- 400 g of juicy strawberries;

- 250 ml of heavy cream (fat content can be adjusted at its discretion);

- 3 egg whites;

- 4 tbsp. l sugar sand;

- 70 g of powdered sugar.

To begin with, pour cream into the pan, add sugar and vanilla sugar. Place the saucepan on a low heat and cook to a thick state for about 15 minutes, do not forget to stir the mass. Then remove the resulting mass from the stove and leave it for some time to cool it.

Sort out the strawberries, tear off the stalks and rinse. After the berries, grind in a blender, strain through a sieve. Pour some puree into a bowl, add some powdered sugar, mix thoroughly. Gently whip the whites with powdered sugar.

To the already cooled mass lay out strawberry puree, enter proteins, mix until smooth.Then pour all the mixture into a plastic container, put it in the freezer, stir the ice cream every half hour. When the ice cream is ready, arrange it in plates or glasses, pour with berry sauce, garnish with strawberries and fragrant mint leaf on top.

Strawberry-banana ice cream

Products you need:

- 300 g strawberries;

- 5 ripe bananas;

- 3 tbsp. l lemon juice;

- 300 ml of cream;

- 3 tbsp. l powdered sugar.

Wash the strawberries and peel the bananas. Then put everything in a blender and chop. In a saucepan, mix the cream and powdered sugar, whisk with a mixer, then add a lot of strawberries and bananas. Mix everything and put the mass, which turned out, in a container. Send ice cream in the freezer, stir the future delicacy every 30 minutes. Decorate the finished ice cream with strawberries and enjoy this amazing dessert.

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3 Ingredients Strawberry Ice Cream | Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
How to make strawberry ice cream at home

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