How to change Display Settings, Screen Savers, And More

How to make the screen saver change

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - The program Magic Wall.
Download the Magic Wall program, and install it on your computer’s hard drive. The program is distributed free of charge, and you can download it from the developer’s website at Install in the system directory of a personal computer, since such utilities should be located there. It is also worth noting that all saved images are saved by default to this directory of the hard disk.
Run the Magic Wall program. The main window contains a collection of wallpapers selected by the user. You can view the images offered by the program itself in the “Wallpaper Magic Wall” folder. Create your own wallpaper sets in the “Collections” tab. You can add an image by clicking on the button with a blue plus at the top of the program window or by dragging them from the folder to the program window with the mouse.
Set the login parameters, as well as additional display and automatic modification options on the “Login” and “Settings” tabs. You can change the display order at any time by running the program. You can sort by different criteria, so choose the best options.
You can download free wallpapers from the official website of the program, or set up Magic Wall to automatically update wallpaper collections. Access to free collections of images on the Internet is provided directly in the application. If you have questions about using the program, contact the developer, whose contacts can be found in the menu item "About the program". However, it is worth noting that an Internet connection is required to download various images using this utility, so do not forget to turn on the connection so that no errors occur.

Video: How to Change the Screensaver on a Mac | Mac Basics

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How to make the screen saver change

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How to make the screen saver change

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