How to Waterproof Electronics || Nail Polish, Silicone, Potting Compound

How to make waterproofing electronic watches

You will need
  • Nippers, universal set of tools, beeswax and petrolatum.
Grease the edges of the cover with petroleum jelly and beeswax to prevent moisture from entering between the glass and the metal ring that presses the glass. The proportions of vaseline and beeswax should be 2: 1.
Check the crown so that the friction between the gasket is not difficult, as this slows the charging of the spring. Close the lido'clocktightly.
Water-resistant watches can be bought in the store. Protective mechanisms in the watch, including safety glass, protect against short-term or accidental ingress of water, and not with a special immersion of the watch water. Therefore, be attentive to the terms used in the description - waterproof or waterproof watch you get.
Helpful advice
The case can be tested for leaks in two ways: under pressure when immersed in water and under vacuum.Immersion in water is made both at shallow depth (1 m) and in deep water (10 m). Often, tests are conducted at a depth of 3m. If the body passes the test here, then it may be omitted in shallow water.

Video: Flite Test | Waterproofing Electronics

How to Waterproof Electronics (the clean way)
How to make waterproofing electronic watches

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How to make waterproofing electronic watches

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