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How to motivate a person to stop drinking and smoking

If a person is addicted

If someone from your friends or family members is immoderate in alcohol or cigarettes, you can certainly worry about him and want him to take more care of his health. This desire can be especially strong if his bad habits cause you trouble — make you inhale smoke, tolerate inadequate drunken behavior, or take on responsibilities that a person has stopped coping with because of his addiction.
Unfortunately, no one can be forced to change anything in his life unless the person himself wants it. And in order to abandon dependence, a very strong motivation is needed at all. Therefore, if you expected to become a savior for someone, it is better to immediately abandon this venture.
Another thing, if a person sincerely wants to stop drinking or smoking and asked you to support him in this. In this case, you can do everything you can.For example, you can encourage a person and praise him for each day spent without a glass. And at the end of each week, encourage him and yourself - go somewhere, enjoy an exotic dinner, do something nice. When a person refuses the usual stimulants, at first he has a breakdown, albeit a small one, and during this period it is important for him to receive pleasant emotions and hormones of joy from other sources.
If your efforts were successful - great. If a person from year to year promises to stop drinking, but starts everything in a new way, you can be powerless to help him. In this case, he should seek help from a specialist. Sometimes wives can not leave their husbands suffering from alcoholism, out of pity or a sense of duty. Although you also need to take care of yourself and you should think and decide whether it’s time to leave the relationship in which you play the role of a victim or an unlucky savior. Maybe the threat of losing you will finally force a person to show willpower and take care of himself; if not, then the situation is hopeless.

If you are for a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps your loved one is not addicted in the literal sense of the word, he just periodically smokes or drinks alcohol, as most of the population.But you lead a healthy lifestyle and want him to follow your example. Here again, everything depends on the desire of the person. If he is satisfied with everything and he does not understand why he should refuse from these benefits of civilization, he will simply look at you as an annoying school teacher trying to read him morality. The only thing you can do is tell in more detail about the dangers of cigarettes or alcohol and hope that the person is imbued or leave him alone, and perhaps after a while he will want to follow your example.
If you absolutely do not tolerate alcohol and smoking for reasons of health or morality, and your loved one does not think in the evening without a bottle of beer and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, maybe you are just too different people and will be happy next to someone else .
It happens that a couple plans to have a child, one of the partners considers it necessary several months before conception to give up bad habits, while the other does not see the point. If this is your case, you, as one of the potential parents, have the right to ask your partner to stop drinking and smoking.If he refuses, say that then stop trying to conceive a child and postpone this goal indefinitely. If health and family are important to a partner, he is likely to compromise.

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How to motivate a person to stop drinking and smoking

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