Basic Internet & E-mail Skills : How to Open a Gmail Account

How to open mail on the Internet

First, decide on which service you want to have a mailbox. For example, if you most often start working in a browser with a Yandex search engine, you will probably find it more convenient to have mail on this resource.
Create a username and password that you will not forget. It is better if the login is clear and short, because it will become part of your email address. It’s quite problematic to dictate to other people or enter a meaningless set of characters each time. The password, on the contrary, must be unique and long, so that attackers could not easily crack it.
The registration process itself is almost identical in all systems. For an example, the Yandex.Mail service is taken. Open the main page of Yandex and click on the button “Create a mailbox”. It is located immediately under the form to enter the mail on the left side of the page. The registration form will open.
Enter the personal data requested by the service.In this case, the name and surname. Type them into the designated fields. In the third field, specify the login you have invented. The system will check it and, if the login is not occupied by anyone, you will proceed to the next step of registration.
Enter the password and confirm it, select a verification question or enter your mobile phone number, messages with codes or your password will be sent to it if you suddenly forget it. Confirm your actions with the verification code and click on the "Register" button. A mailbox will be created.
Open the Yandex main page and enter your login and password in the login form to enter your email. On the left side there is a folder of correspondence folders. In the central part of the page you can choose the letters you need and actions with them.
Pay attention to the line-link "Settings", located in the upper right corner of the page. If you want to specify a way to process and design letters, add or delete a folder, add information about yourself, click on it and select a section to edit.

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How to open mail on the Internet

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