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How to orient the house to the cardinal points

Position the house so that no more than half of the living rooms are oriented to the north side of the horizon (sector from 310 to 50 degrees). In this way, you will avoid low average daily temperatures and low ambient light. Use the same rule to guide the house to the west (sector from 200 to 290 degrees) in the southern regions. If this condition is not met, consider installing sun-protection devices or placing greenery near the windows.
Place on the most valuable south side terraces, winter gardens, verandas. Take the north side under the garage, boiler room and other ancillary facilities, where windows that reduce thermal protection are not needed. Regardless of the climatic region, orient the kitchen to the east side of the horizon, north, northwest, or northeast. If the kitchen windows are facing south, direct sunlight will heat the room and its surroundings.items. In such conditions, it will be impossible to prolong the operation of the stove.
Design the futureat homeremembering that the windows of living rooms should be oriented to the south, east or southeast. Common rooms can be located in the west or southwest. Each dwelling should receive a portion of direct sunlight for at least 2 hours a day. Orientation of the rest of the premisesat homenot so important.
Determine the prevailing wind direction to plan the entrance to the house downwind. Windows facing north, if necessary, should be as small as possible. Dispose of farm buildings so that smells and smoke do not enter the house. If you live in a southern region with high humidity, plan a construction site in such a way that the house is cooled by the wind blowing in its direction.

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How to orient the house to the cardinal points

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