How to Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear

You will need
  • Courage, patience, will, perseverance, endurance, a piece of paper, a pen
Breathe deeply, slowly and calmly, watch your breathing. Try to keep your breathing as smooth as possible, keep the rhythm. Describe your feelings on paper. Answer the questions: what do you feel at the moment? How fast is your heart beating? Do you control yourself and your body?
Say to yourself the phrase: �I am a strong and courageous person. I am stronger than fear. I am calm, my breathing is even, I completely control myself and my feelings. � Repeat the phrase several times until you feel its effect on yourself. To fix the effect, write this phrase on a piece of paper and place it in front of you.
Find out the cause of your fear. Think about what could be causing your fear? What past events can remind you of this fear?
After finding out the cause of your fear, try to distract yourself, switch your thoughts to something neutral.Consider in advance an interesting topic for you about which you will think. Come up with some interesting question and start looking for the answer to it.
With your right hand, rub the palm of your left hand, shake it. Feel the warmth of your palms. Concentrate on your feelings, continue to follow the breath.
If the above actions have not produced the expected effect, try folk remedies: valerian infusion, tea with mint, oregano, calendula, hawthorn.

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How To Overcome Fear And Anxiety In 30 Seconds
How to overcome fear

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How to overcome fear

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