How to Overcome the FEAR of WATER

How to overcome the fear of water

Addictive to water. Gradually, in small steps, enter the reservoir until you feel a fit of fear. If this happens, return to the place where you have not yet felt it. Wait here for a while. Realizing that you can go forward again, go. Such habituation to water is a very important stage on the path of getting rid of fear, and it can take up to several months.
Go down the stairs to the pool and just stand in the part where the water level is the lowest. Holding one side, lift one leg up and let it swim freely. You can gently move it under water. At this stage, the main thing is to feel how the water holds your foot. Do this exercise as much time as you need to perform these actions calmly and confidently.
Go a little deeper into the pool and dip your hand in the water, keeping it bent at the elbow afloat. Now you have to feel and understand how your hand lies quietly on the surface of the water, and this does not threaten you.Standing in this position, make swinging movements with your hand.
Going into the water, try to jump slightly. Do not pay attention to others and do not think about how you look at this moment, and concentrate on those feelings that you experience while doing so. This exercise can be performed in parallel with the movements under the water, as in the previous step.
Go deep into the water so that the water level reaches your shoulders. When you sit down for a while, your body should be submerged in the neck. If at this moment you feel fear, move away to a place where you will be more comfortable, where you can relax from nervous tension. After resting, re-enter the water and jump, being completely under water (not counting the head). At the same time try to tighten your knees to your chest. Try to increase the time when your feet will not touch the bottom of the pool.
Now you can combine bobbing in the water and moving your arms and legs under water. Do this as long as possible so that you feel confident that water can hold you.
Being on the shoulders in the water, make movements with your hands, like when swimming like a dog.Bend your elbows and make circular movements with your palms bent down. Row up the water for yourself.
Continuing to make movements from the previous step, jump in the water and try to increase the time when your legs are off the bottom of the pool. Do this exercise until you become calm and confident. Now you can, having overcome the fear of being in the water, experience the real pleasure of staying in it.

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Images: How to overcome the fear of water How to overcome the fear of water
Images: How to overcome the fear of water How to overcome the fear of water