How To Paint Cabinets

How to paint a cabinet

For paintingcabinetYou will need materials - the colors of the desired shades, primer, sandpaper, as well as brushes and stencils, if you want to apply the drawing to the furniture according to a well-thought-out sketch, and if you are not sure of your artistic skills and capabilities. On the Internet you can find a lot of stencils with various patterns for painting furniture and walls.
First prepare the surface.cabinetto work - carefully polish it with sandpaper and prime it. Wait until the soil dries, and then dissolve and apply to the surfacecabinetbrush the paint that should create the background color of yourcabinet- for example, water-based chocolate-colored paint.
Some sitescabinetrub wax over the dried paint to create a trendy visual effect of aging.
Take a roller and, dipping it in a paint of a lighter shade, cover it with a surfacecabinet. Dry the paint, and then mark with pencil a place on which you will draw an ornament.
Saturate the sponge with paint and apply it over the stencil attached to the surface.cabinetand then wait for the paint to dry by removing the stencil, and modify the drawing by applying fine lines and fine details with a thin brush. Paint some details of the ornament with another paint to create a three-dimensional pattern effect.
Those placescabinetwaxed, sand the surface with fine sandpaper, and after the final drying of the paint, take a foam roller and cover the surfacecabinetacrylic varnish on two layers.

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Images: How to paint a cabinet How to paint a cabinet
Images: How to paint a cabinet How to paint a cabinet