How To Paint Your Front Door In One Day. How to paint a door. DIY Door painting tips.

How to paint the door in two colors

You will need
  • Acrylic paints, brushes, acrylic primer, emery paper, masking tape, roller, white lacquer.
Begin the restoration of the doors with masking tape for the wall near the door, remove it after painting. Cover the floor with oilcloth or paper. Carefully remove accessories, handles, rubber insulation from the door. Thoroughly clean the surface of the canvas from dirt, especially near the handle. Take for this tool containing alkali - the surface of the door must be clean, oil-free, dry.
Sand the door with sandpaper with a degree of abrasiveness 150-180. To avoid dust, use an abrasive for wet grinding. Treat door profiles with steel wool with an abrasiveness factor of two. After polishing, wipe the door with a soft cloth.
Use a synthetic primer roller for waterborne paints to evenly coat the door with an acrylic primer for doors and windows.Give it a good dry and re-polish the surface, then apply a glossy paint. When it dries, glue the edges of the profile with masking tape for sensitive surfaces.
Paint the profiles with a matte paint a tone darker than the main one. Paint is applied quickly and evenly with a brush for water-based paints. Remove the masking tape so that the edge is flat, use a spatula - stick it to the joint and tear off the tape at a sharp angle. When the coating is dry, insert the insulation into the grooves and replace the fittings and handles.

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How to Paint a Door (quickly!)
How to paint the door in two colors

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