Paint Your Fridge DIY - Update

How to paint the fridge

The result when painting the fridge is much better than if you try to glue the fridge on the fridge. For the film to lie flat on the surface of the refrigerator, you will have to work hard to prevent the formation of air bubbles or wrinkles. Coloring allows for a smoother surface.
The process of coloring the refrigerator has some peculiarities, but with careful attention they are easily solvable. If desired, using painting it is possible not only to give a beautiful look to the old coating, but also to bring the new refrigerator in line with the interior of the kitchen.

What can paint the refrigerator

Enamel for painting cars in cans - not the best option for painting the refrigerator, although it may seem so.
The refrigerator is most often painted in the apartment or in rare cases taken out on the balcony. If you use spray paint, its smallest particles will settle on the furniture, walls and floor.In addition, even dust is impregnated with paint - after it has settled on the floor, it can only be removed with a solvent. Cleaning an apartment with the use of white spirit is not particularly pleasant, and if it is not possible to bring the refrigerator to the open space, it is better to use a roller for painting.
Of course, when painting with a roller, it will not be possible to achieve a smooth and uniform coating, as with aerosol spraying, but there will be no less cleaning. It must be remembered that even a respirator will not save from the ingress of the smallest particles of paint into the respiratory organs, therefore aerosols are suitable only for open space.
Still, if desired, you can use and automotive enamel. But it is better to choose epoxy paint, and some of the acrylic coloring compositions will do.

Staining technology

To paint the refrigerator, it is necessary in advance to stock up on paint and roller, clean rags, film, newspapers, prepare detergent, sponge, adhesive tape.
The surface of the refrigerator should be properly washed and dried. In order not to dirty anything around, cover the interior with film, cover the floor with newspapers.Provide room ventilation.
It is better to first check the paint on such a part of the surface that is not evident - this will help to make sure that the color and tone are chosen correctly. It is desirable to remove accessories from the refrigerator or to glue it with masking tape.
When painting with an aerosol spray should be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the surface. It is necessary to apply paint in the uniform movements, directing them from left to right.
The painted refrigerator is dried for about half an hour, then you can apply paint with another layer. If a roller is selected for paint application, it is better to choose a not very wide one.

Video: How to paint your fridge, how I painted my fridge from black to retro pink.

Images: How to paint the fridge How to paint the fridge
Images: How to paint the fridge How to paint the fridge
Images: How to paint the fridge How to paint the fridge