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How to persist in the "Ice Age 3"

Ice Age 3 does not recognize Cyrillic in file directories. In practice, this means that the path where you install the game should contain only English letters, for example, F: \ Games should be renamed F: \ Games. Similarly, it is necessary to do with the catalog of the game save. By default, "saves" are located in the folder C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ My Games. Please note that the directory includes the name of the Windows profile: make sure that it is written in Latin letters.
Run the game. By default, the new game starts without saving, because you need to first go to the menu item “Download” and use the arrows to select the sector in which it says “No data”. The specified slot will later be used for recording.
You cannot save directly during the level. During each location, special “checkpoints” are set: if you die, the game will not return you to the start, but to the nearest such “safe” position.However, “checkpoints” are only temporary, and if you have not completed the level to the end, but have closed the game in the middle, then at the next launch you will have to go through the entire location from the very beginning.
Between levels, Ice Age 3 uses an autosave system. If a rotating nut icon appears in the lower left corner of the screen, it means that the session has been saved, and at the next start you will start from the same place.
Autosave does not happen after every action, so a manual “save” system was introduced, in order to avoid data loss, it should be used every time before closing the game window. It is called by the “Save” command in the pause menu.
If, for some reason, the conservation still does not work, then download the "save" on the Internet. The game allows you to pass each level several times, and therefore you can install the downloaded file into the directory with your progress (specified in the first step), then enjoy the opportunity to start every time from any level.

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How to persist in the Ice Age 3

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