AdMob Android tutorial - Placing Banner Ads

How to place an ad banner in Wordpress in 2019

The easiest way of placement, which is available to any user, is widgets. You can find them in the admin panel on the left. Select "Appearance", and then go to the "Widgets" menu. Depending on the theme that you have installed on your blog, you will have several places available for posting. As a rule, this is one or two sidebars (side menu) and footer (basement or lower part).
In the list on the left, click the left mouse button on the item "HTML text" and drag it to the desired cell. A menu opens where you can specify the necessary settings and the code of your banner. Be sure to write the title, because otherwise the widget may not display correctly. It is best to specify "Advertising", "Project Sponsors" or "Friends." Although this is your imagination is not limited.

Site code

In addition to standard widgets, you can also place a banner through the site code. This is a more complicated way that requires you to understand the structure of web-projects, as well as knowledge of html,css and php. Select "Appearance", and open the "Editor" menu. By default you will see the code for the main page of the site.
Decide exactly where you want to place the banner. If this is a side part, then select sidebar.php, if the bottom is footer.php, if the top is header.php. These files are available only in standard themes. If you downloaded the design from the Internet or used paid analogs, the file name may differ. More information can be found in the documentation that comes with the topic.
If you fail or you are not ready to spend a lot of time, you can order this service. It will cost around 1-2 dollars, but you do not have to mess around for a long time. You can find artists on various freelance projects or webmaster forums. Just create an order or topic. Such a side job will quickly attract more people.

Banner code

As a rule, advertisers give out files that are already ready for placement, but there are exceptions. If you do not know the code of your banner, then write it yourself. This will help you two simple tags: img and a href.
Write <.a href = "here> <. Img> <./ a> first. For example, <.a href = ""> <. Img> <./ a>.In all tags you need to remove the dot at the beginning.
The same principle must be observed when placing animated banners. For flash, you will need a more serious code that is difficult to write yourself, so it is necessary to require it from the advertiser.

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How To Correctly Place Banner Ads
How to place an ad banner in Wordpress in 2019

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