How To Plant Your New Fruit Tree

How to plant fruit trees

There are three main ways of grafting trees:
- Copulation. The diameter of the cut stock and scion for this method should be the same. Cut the stalk and knot to which you are going to inoculate at an angle of 30 degrees and make splits on the cuts. Fasten the stock and the graft together and wrap the junction with plastic wrap.
- If the diameter of the cut of the tree and the cutting is too different, you can make a graft under the bark. This is the least traumatic method for plant grafting; moreover, it can be used to plant several cuttings at once in one place. Make a 30-degree cut of the graft, cut the bark in the stock and insert a cutting there. Tightly wrap the site of vaccination with plastic wrap and firmly fix the handle. After some time, the film can be removed and lubricated with a garden inoculum.
- Splitting graft is usually used to rejuvenate a garden by planting young shoots to the roots of an old tree.To do this, cut the main branches of the rootstock at a distance of 30-50 centimeters from the trunk and make longitudinal splits in them in a depth of five centimeters. Cut the cuttings in the form of wedges and insert into the cleft and wrap the inoculation area with plastic wrap.

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How to plant fruit trees

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