How To Play Politics and War - The Tutorial (Part 1)

How to Play Politics and War

Eight Parts:

This article will teach you the basics of how to play Politics and War. It's an online game you have to sign up for with your email. You create your own nation and try to rule the world. Once you know how to sign up, you can work on developing strategies to become the top nation.


Signing Up

  1. Go to the website.On the homepage there will be a button that says "Start Playing". Click on that and you can begin to make an account.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and the game rules.By registering, you will do this automatically.
  4. Mention who referred you.You'll see a box that says "Player who referred you." Enter a player if you know someone already in the game.
  5. Confirm your age.There will be a box that says "I'm 13 years old or older." You will check it if you're 13 or older or leave it blank if you're not.
  6. ClickRegister.You will now be able to begin creating your nation!

Creating Your Nation

  1. Make up a nation name.It can be anything (without vulgar language).
  2. Choose a location to identify where your nation will be.You don't have to put it where you live. Each real-world continent has different resources your country will be able to extract.
  3. Select a flag.You can choose from over 100 real-world flags.
  4. Create a name for your first city in your nation.Again, this can be anything. After all that you will have created your nation!

Playing the Game

  1. Review the objectives.You'll need to complete the objectives until there are none left. In the game, there will be objectives you have to follow to become more familiar with the game. Every objective you complete you will gain a cash reward. There are about 20 objectives. This will ensure your nation gets off to a good start.
  2. Click on "Objectives" on the left side of your screen.
  3. Complete the current objective.You can't skip objectives. Once you complete an objective it will give you a cash reward and move on to the next one. Do this until there aren't any objectives left.
  4. Find an alliance to join.Joining an alliance is a crucial part of the game. If you don't join an alliance, other nations will declare war on yours to loot your money and resources. An alliance typically serves as protection for you and other nations. They can also provide you with money and resources, depending on the alliance. Here's how to join an alliance:
  5. Click on an alliance.To find all the alliances, click "Alliances" on the left side of the screen.
  6. Click "Join" to become an applicant of the alliance.You will have to be accepted by an alliance member to become a member of the alliance.

Constructing Cities

  1. Construct cities in your nation.One of the first things you will do in the game is create and build cities in your nation.
  2. Click on "Cities" on the left side of the screen to go to your cities page.
  3. Click on the "Create New City" button.
  4. Enter in a name for your city.There will also be the cost of the city on the same page.
  5. Click "Build New City".You must make sure you have enough money to buy a new city. You also need to wait 10 days (120 turns (go to Tips to find out what turns are)) before you can buy another city.
  6. Start buying infrastructure and land area.
  7. Click on the city your going to build infrastructure/land area in to go to it's page.
  8. Put how much infrastructure and land area you would like to buy in the correct boxes.Typically, you want to buy infrastructure in bulks of 100 and land area in bulks of 500. There will be separate, labeled boxes where you can put an amount of infrastructure and land area you'd like to buy. Under the boxes there will be a calculated cost. This will tell you how much the infrastructure and land area will cost.
  9. Click "Go" to purchase the infrastructure and land area.Infrastructure and land area costs will go up the more you buy it for one city.

Making City Improvements

  1. Build improvements within your cities.Improvements are things like farms, stadiums, and much more.
  2. Click on the city you want to build improvements in.
  3. Click on the category of improvements you want to build.The improvements should be located at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the "+" button to build an improvement.This button should be located to the right side of each improvement.
  5. Click the "-" button to destroy an improvement.This button should be located to the right side of each improvement.
  6. Make sure you have open improvements slots.To build improvements, you need improvement slots. For every 50 infrastructure, you gain 1 improvement slot. There are 6 types of improvements:
    • Power: Power is where you decide which types of power your city will run on. There is coal power, oil power, nuclear power, and wind power. Typically you will start off with either coal or oil power.
    • Resource: Resources are where you can buy resource extraction stations. Which continent you are on will determine which resources you can extract. Here's a list of all the available resources in the game:
      • Food
      • Coal
      • Oil
      • Uranium
      • Iron
      • Gasoline
      • Munitions
      • Steel
      • Aluminum
      • Bauxite
      • Lead
    • Manufacturing: Manufacturing is where you can build things such as steel mills and aluminum refineries. Again, the types of refineries you can buy depend on which continent your nation is located on.
    • Civil: Civil is where you can buy police stations, hospitals, recycling centers, and subways. Police stations reduce the crime rate in your city, hospitals reduce the disease rate in your city, recycling centers reduce pollution, and subways also reduce pollution and add commerce to your city.
    • Commerce: Commerce is where you buy stadiums, malls, banks, and shopping marts, to increase commerce in your city. Stadiums increase the commerce the most, whereas shopping marts increase commerce the least.
    • Military: Military is where you can buy barracks, factories, hangars, and dry docks to build your military. Barracks allow you to train and house soldiers. Factories allow you to manufacture tanks. Hangars allow you to build aircraft. Dry docks allow you to build ships.
  7. Make sure your city has power so your improvements can function.Some improvements require power to function. Manufacturing, Civil, Commerce, and Military improvements all require power to work. Resource improvements don't need power to work. Always make sure your cities are powered if you have improvements in your cities that require power.

Building National Projects

  1. Set your sights on National Projects.These are huge nation improvements with big costs and benefits. Here's how to build one:
  2. Click on "Projects".
  3. Make sure you have a national project slot.Just like improvements, you need to have an open slot to build a project. Projects require 5,000 infrastructure nationally to gain a project slot.
  4. Choose which national project you would like to buy.There are a total of 14 projects:
    • Arms Stockpile
    • Bauxite Works
    • Center for Civil Engineering
    • Emergency Gasoline Reserve
    • Intelligence Agency
    • International Trade Center
    • Iron Dome
    • Ironworks
    • Mass Irrigation
    • Missile Launch Pad
    • Nuclear Research Facility
    • Propaganda Bureau
    • Uranium Enrichment Program
    • Vital Defense System
  5. Click "Construct" by the project you want to build.Each project requires money and resources, unlike cities which just need money.


  1. Click on "Trade" to go to the market screen.
  2. Set up the search function to find the resources you're after.
  3. Click on "Any Resource" to select which resource you would like to buy.
  4. Click the "Go" button to go to the trade offers for that resource.
  5. Put how much of that resource you want to buy.You don't have to buy the entire amount of resources in the trade offer, but you can't buy more resources than the trade offer offers.
  6. Click "Buy" to buy the resources.
  7. Make a trade offer to sell/buy resources.Here's how to make a trade offer:
  8. Click "Create Offer".This will be on the trade screen.
  9. Select a resource you want to sell/buy.
  10. Type in the amount in the box labeled "Amount."
  11. Type in price per unit in the box labeled "Price Per Unit." (You can set it to anything, but the lowest priced offers show up first on the trade screen).
  12. Select offer type:
    • Global: Anyone can see it.
    • Alliance: Only members of your alliance can see it.
    • Personal: Only the nation your sending this trade offer to can see it.
  13. Enter in the nation name if it's a personal trade offer.
  14. Select whether you are selling or buying the resource.Your trade offer will be posted once you select this.

Declaring War

  1. Click on "Wars" on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on "Find Nations in War Range".
  3. Click on the name of the nation you want to declare war on.
  4. Click "Declare War".This should be right below the nation's image.
  5. Type in a reason for the war in the box labeled "Reason".You can come up with a reason or the game can come up with one for you automatically.
  6. Click "Declare War".You are now in war with another nation.
  7. Attack the nation.Each nation starts out with 6 MAP's (Military Action Points) You gain 1 MAP every turn (2 hours). You can only gain up to 12 MAP's and then you can't get anymore until you use them. Each nation has a resistance score. Both nations start out with a 100 resistance score.
  8. Select which attack you want to use.There are six kinds of attacks you can select:
    • Ground attacks: A ground attack consists of soldiers and tanks. This battle can eliminate up to 10 resistance. This requires 3 MAP's.
    • Fortify: Increases your nation resistance score by 10. This requires 4 MAP's.
    • Airstrikes: An airstrike consists of aircraft. This attack can eliminate up to 12 resistance. This requires 4 MAP's.
    • Naval battles: This battle consists of ships. This battle can eliminate up to 14 resistance. This requires 4 MAP's.
    • Missile Strike: This attack uses missiles. This attack eliminates 18 resistance. It requires 8 MAP's and the Missile Launch Pad national project.
    • Nuclear Strike: This attack uses nuclear weapons. This attack eliminates 25 resistance. It requires 12 MAP's and the Nuclear Research Facility national project.
  9. Keep attacking until the other nation's resistance score reaches 0.Once the other nation's resistance score reaches 0, you will loot 25% of their money and resources.
  10. Know the various victories.There are also different kinds of battle victories. Each one eliminates a specified amount of resistance:
    • Utter failure: Eliminates 0 resistance.
    • Pyrrhic victory: Eliminates 6 less resistance than an Immense Triumph.
    • Moderate victory: Eliminates 3 less resistance than an Immense Triumph.
    • Immense Triumph: Eliminates 10, 12, or 14 resistance, depending on which kind of battle you run.

Community Q&A

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  • This is a free site. You don't have to pay anything to play.
  • Turns are how the game keeps time. Each turn is 2 hours, so 1 day is equal to 12 hours.
  • When you start your national color will be beige. This means no other nation can declare war on you. You have 15 days before your color automatically turns to gray. Then nations can attack you.
  • If you lose an attack, your color will turn back to beige. You have 5 days until the color automatically changes to gray. This will give you time to rebuild your army and cities.
  • Many alliances will require you to sign up for their forums or Discord.
  • There is an in-game messaging system. If you have any questions about the game you can directly message the game administrator.

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