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How to pray for the dead on Easter week

Easter of Christ is the most solemn and exciting human heart Orthodox holiday. On this day, believers triumph the reign of life over death, remember the great miracle of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ after painful suffering and rest. Therefore, on Easter Day, mourning for deceased loved ones fade into the background, because a person in the resurrection of Christ opened hope for future eternal life and personal resurrection. However, such joy is not a reason for the abolition of prayer for the departed.

There are cases when a person leaves this world on Easter week - the time referred to in the church tradition as the Bright Week. The church cannot leave the dead without a prayer of the dead, but the statute suggests some changes in the rank of prayers.

Thus, instead of the church adopted by the requiem akathist, canons and other prayers, the Easter canon is sung in the Easter week in memory of the deceased.Canon can and just read. A special place in the prayer for the deceased is occupied by the tropari, which are replaced by the solemn and the main Easter chant: "Christ is risen from the dead." This Easter troparion speaks of the victory of Christ over death and the granting of life to those who are in the tomb.

In Orthodox practice, it is customary to read a psalter about a person who has departed to another world. In the Easter week psalter is not read. There is a special alternative to this sacred text - the New Testament book of the Acts of the Holy Apostles.

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How to pray for the dead on Easter week

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