How to protect your mailbox

How to protect the mailbox at the entrance from hacking

Today, mailboxes have ceased to be the usual repositories of letters, media, all sorts of receipts and advertising booklets. Increasingly, apartment dwellers want to see rather spacious and pleasant-looking modern sectional boxes at their entrance.
Before the delivery of the building object, the contractor proposes to install the same special access mailboxes at the entrances. These boxes can be purchased at specialized outlets or ordered in the carpentry workshop.
A metal mailbox is very in demand, for the manufacture of which steel with a thickness of 1 mm is used. It can be vertical and horizontal. This box is painted with powder paint, which reliably protects metal surfaces from corrosion. Wherever an access mailbox is purchased, it must comply with the requirements of the Gosstandard.

Vandal-proof mailboxes

Residents of high-rise buildings have repeatedly come across cases of mailbox hacking. Often at the boxes hooligans tear off the doors and side elements.
To protect the contents of the mailbox from lovers of another's property or ordinary barbarians, anti-vandal or anti-vandal-proof mailboxes have been developed. These boxes are made of thick steel, have built-in protection against burglary. The postman has access to all the cells, and only their owners can open their cells. Anti-vandal mailboxes can consist of four and six sections. They are covered with a layer of powder paint.

Elite Mailboxes

If the residents of the entrance strive not only for the safety of their correspondence, but also pay close attention to the aesthetic appearance of the access mailboxes, wishing that they fit well into the interior, you can purchase elite mailboxes. These boxes are made to order according to individual sketches, which is expensive. But their purchase guarantees full protection from hooligans and serves as an independent decoration of the entrance, because when making manually, any pattern can be applied to them.
Yet the main purpose of the mailbox is the safety of correspondence and confidentiality.

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How to protect the mailbox at the entrance from hacking

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How to protect the mailbox at the entrance from hacking

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