How to pull out the text from the picture

ABBYY Fine Reader is one of the most popular text recognition software. In addition to scanning ordinary image files, the program allows you to recognize PDF files (without a text layer) or DJVU, while preserving the original formatting and the appearance of the text. The application can work with a large number of different languages ​​and save the final result in the formats DOC, DOCX, XLS, ODT, TXT, RTF and PDF.
Download the program from the official website and install it according to the instructions of the installer. After installation is complete, run the application.
Open the menu item "File" - "Open PDF or image." In the window that appears, select the image from which you want to scan text.
Wait for the process to add the selected items to the document. After the end, all added pictures will be displayed in the left part of the window, and the full-size version of the selected page will be shown on the right.Using the toolbar, you can select the desired borders of the scanned areas In the left part of the program window, select “Document Language” - “Russian” (or any other language supported by the program that you want to recognize).
Go to the "Document" section - "Recognize" or use the appropriate button on the toolbar. After the procedure is completed, select the menu "File" - "Send document to" - Microsoft Word. You can also choose the format for saving Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, TXT or HTML. Choose a location to save the file, then press the "Save" button. Recognition completed.
From analogues Fine Reader you can use the free program CuneiForm.

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How to pull out the text from the picture

How to pull out the text from the picture

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