How to Inject Insulin

How to put insulin

You will need
  • - prolonged action insulin
  • - short acting insulin
  • - syringe with built-in needle
Choose plastic syringes with a built-in needle. Such syringes allow you to enter the drug completely. The dividing rate of an insulin syringe should not exceed 1 U for adults and 0.5 U for children.
First, put a little more insulin into the syringe than you need. This makes it easy to remove trapped air bubbles. Knock on the syringe and remove from it extra insulin with air into the vial.
To reduce the number of injections, it is advisable to mix insulins. Note that you can only combine NPH-insulins that use protein. As indicated in the previous step, type in a short-acting insulin syringe (clear solution) into a syringe. Then - prolonged insulin (the solution is cloudy). Carefully ensure that the proportion of insulin of short-acting insulin does not penetrate into the vial containing the "extended" drug.
Enter the drug only in the subcutaneous fat, and not intramuscularly or subcutaneously. If insulin gets into muscle all the time, fluctuations in glycemia level occur.In order to avoid a similar situation use short thin needles. Their length - 8 mm (for children - 5-6 mm).
For injections, use the front of the thighs, the front of the abdomen, buttocks, or the front of the shoulders. The skin in the place where insulin will be injected, take the index finger and thumb in the fold. Insert the needle at a 45 ° angle near the base of the skin fold. Continuing to hold the fold, press the plunger of the syringe all the way. Wait a few seconds after insulin is injected. Take out the needle.
Analogs of human insulin can not be mixed.
Insulin is absorbed faster from the anterior surface of the abdomen.
Helpful advice
Every day, choose a new place for injection, so that blood sugar levels do not fluctuate.

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2.Injecting with an Insulin syringe
How to put insulin

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