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How to put the emblem of the clan in 2019

One of the characteristic features of MMOG (this primarily refers to MMORPG (role-playing) and MMOFPS (3D-shooters)) is the creation of groups, often called guilds or clans. In the MMORPG (for example, LineageII, WOW, Perfect World, Warhammer), clans can be created upon reaching players who wish to become the head of a clan, a certain level. Some games also require the transfer of a certain amount of virtual gaming money.

What you need to do in order to put the emblem of the clan?

Most experienced players note that the emblem gives the clan official status. Therefore, many newcomers to online games want to put the emblem of the clan, but do not know how to do it. First of all, you must select a sign. This should be given special attention, because the clan will be evaluated, including, and on it. There are a number of sites that host various emblems and coat of arms for sites developed by professional designers.
You should also read the rules MMORPG.Most online games make it possible to put an emblem only when the clan reaches a certain level (for example, the third level in LineageII). There are also certain requirements for the file containing the logo. For example, in LineageII it should be a picture in bmp format (256 colors). The size of the logo should not exceed 12 by 16 pixels. Some online games make restrictions also on the "weight" of the picture, for example, in Perfect World it can not be more than 824 bytes.
To put the clan logo in most MMORPGs, you can do this in the game online. For example, in LineageII you need to go to the menu of the clan.

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How to put the emblem of the clan in 2019

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How to put the emblem of the clan in 2019

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