Typing Tutorial: Keyboard Basics

How to quickly write on the keyboard

You will need
  • - computer with internet access;
  • - text editor;
  • - typing tutor;
  • - texts for typing;
  • - Dictaphone.
Imagine the hands of a pianist. He plays all ten fingers. In the same way, professional typists do the same, who usually take great pleasure in switching to a computer keyboard. The amateur usually prints with two fingers, most often index fingers. This significantly slows down the process. Place your hands on the keyboard and see which finger is the most convenient for pressing letters. Try to remember their location. Typing textbooks always provided a keyboard layout, but some variations were allowed.
Choose a small text consisting mainly of short sentences. Dial it with all ten fingers. Do not hurry. Try to look at the text and on the screen, not on the keyboard. You will really want to print like you used to, so monitor yourself continuously.
Learn to type numbers.Type them first in order, then piecemeal. Dial dates and arithmetic tasks until you learn how to get to the right number.
Remember where quotes and other punctuation are, as well as a paragraph, number, etc. Many additional characters are typed using the same characters as the numbers. Learn how to quickly switch layouts.
Use the typing tutor. It can be installed on a computer or work online. Go to the site with this simulator. There you will see several links defining the level of complexity. Start from the low. The simulator is good because it simply will not let you continue if you made a mistake. Gradually accelerate the pace, then move to another level of difficulty. Work with the simulator a little bit, but every day.
Learn how to decipher voice recordings. The text can be anything from a lecture by a university professor to the memories of your grandmother. Try to type at the same pace in which the person whose voice you recorded is speaking. Do not pay much attention to errors. Print a couple of pages, then stop and turn on the spell checker.Do not be upset if there are many misprints.
Chat on forums and social networks. Any business moves faster if a person understands why he needs it. The ability to communicate with many people who have the same interests as yours can be an excellent incentive to learn to type quickly.

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How to quickly write on the keyboard

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How to quickly write on the keyboard

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