How to recover a vehicle passport

Finding the loss of PTS, contact the traffic police department, which was put on the account of the car. If it so happens that the car is not yet registered, and the passport has already been lost, you need to contact the last place of its registration. Take your passport, insurance policy, certificate of registration of transportfacilities. Please note: student ID, passport, driver's license and other documents in this case can not be replacedpassports.
Pay the state duty for the issue of TCP and take with you a receipt or check confirming the fact of payment. This document will also need to be presented at the traffic police office to restorepassportstransportfacilities. If you drive a car under a general power of attorney, then, among other things, you will also have to present a power of attorney.
Write a statement on the form "I ask to issue a duplicate of the TCP in exchange for the lost."Then, on a clean sheet of A4 or a special form, write an explanatory letter addressed to the head of the traffic police department with a detailed description of the circumstances under which the transport passport was stolen or lost.facilities. Hand over the statement and explanatory along with other documents.
Submit your car for inspection. Be sure to ensure that government rooms are clean and clearly visible. If the rooms are dirty - wash them. The traffic police officer will examine your car, check the state numbers. If everything is in order, your application will be accepted and after a while they will issue you a new passport of the transportfacilities. The term of issue varies on average from 3 hours to 3 weeks.
In the event that the traffic police refused to give you a new TCP, write to the higher authorities a statement indicating illegal actions. Make sure your application is accepted and wait for a decision.

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Images: How to recover a vehicle passport How to recover a vehicle passport
Images: How to recover a vehicle passport How to recover a vehicle passport