paronychia - abscess of side of the nail

How to reduce the nail

At the beginning of the disease - the appearance of an ingrown nail, when pain and inflammation are still insignificant, simple treatment can help you: firstly, wearing comfortable shoes, in which the front part is rather wide, which will significantly reduce the pressure on the patient's toe, and secondly - barefoot walking or in open-toed shoes when your fingers are free. You should also completely abandon the short cut of the nail, which only enhances its ingrowth and deformation. Short croppednail�need to file in the corners, leaving no sharp edges that irritate the skin. To relieve pain and reduce inflammation and swelling, you can use daily baths with saline warm water, they softennail�and soften the skin around it.
Align ingrownnail�can be using a mixture of lime and arsenic, from such a lotionnail�it becomes quite soft and can be easily cut with a scalpel or a sharp knife, giving it the desired shape. A good softening agent is cypress gum, which is applied to the nail plate like a bandage. Also used flaxseed or lamb fat, which for several days is tied to the nail plate.

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Easier way to reduce a nail tip well
How to reduce the nail

Nail Care : How to Reduce Swollen Fingers
How to reduce the nail

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