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How to register path

Click the “My Computer” icon on the desktop with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item in the pop-up context menu. The same can be done with the “Computer” item in the main menu of the operating system on the “Start” button. And you can simply press the hot key combination win + pause - any of these actions will launch an OS component called “System Properties”.
Go to the "Advanced" tab of the window that opens and click the "Environment Variables" button located at its bottom. Another window will start with two tables placed in it - the installation of the operating system you need is placed at the top (“Variable user environments”). Highlight the row that has Path in the "Variable" column, and then click the "Edit" button under this table. As a result, a third, already the last dialog box will open with the title “Change User Variable” and two fields to fill out.
Enter the desired path in the field "Variable value". If there is already any record in it, add a new one to the right, separating it from the existing semicolon (;).In order not to be mistaken in writing the full address to the desired directory, it is better to copy the path to it in Windows Explorer - open it (win + e), go to the desired folder, select the full path in the file manager address line (ctrl + a), copy (ctrl + c), return to the dialog box and paste the contents of the clipboard (ctrl + v) into the "Variable value" field.
Leave the value in the "Variable Name" field (the Path should remain there) and click the OK button. After that, successively press the same OK buttons in the two other open windows. This completes the process of adding a new value to the Path variable.

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How to register path

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