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How to relax in Yalta

You can relax in Yalta in several ways, the first of which is to buy a package tour at travel agencies in your city. At the moment, several major tour operators offer trips to Yalta. The cost of rest in this case includes flight or travel by train, hotel or pension, insurance. The advantage of this type of recreation is the relative ease of booking at the agency, the disadvantage is the lack of a good hotel choice.
Independent journey to Yalta begins with booking tickets. Regular flights of various airlines fly from Moscow and some other cities of Russia to the neighboring Yalta Simferopol. You can book them through any website aggregator or on the website of the airline itself, or buy in the company's sales department in the city of departure. For the high season (from May to September), you should book tickets in advance (at least 2-3 months before the possible departure date).
After booking a ticket, it is necessary to resolve the issue of housing for the holidays.There are a lot of hotels in Yalta, except for them there are resorts, motels and private rooms, apartments and houses for every taste. The hotel aggregator or any intermediary agency will also help to book the hotel. You can book and pay for the hotel directly through the site. Finding accommodation on the spot in the high season is quite difficult, but possible. Fans of active tourism can put up tents right on the seashore, a little distance from the public urban beaches.
Rest in Yalta is impossible without visiting local attractions. The most famous place that once became a symbol of the city is the Swallow's Nest - a castle-style house built on a rock in the Yalta village Gaspra. In the city itself, you can visit a large number of churches of different religions, including Catholic cathedrals, ride the cable car to the Darsan hill, which offers a panoramic view of Yalta and the sea, walk through various museums. In the vicinity of the city there are such sights as the Livadia and Vorontsov Palaces, the Dulber Palace, etc.
Food in Yalta is standard for the Black Sea coast: there are restaurants with Caucasian, European and Russian cuisine, Japanese cafes and bars are opening, there is a network of fast food restaurants.

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Images: How to relax in Yalta How to relax in Yalta
Images: How to relax in Yalta How to relax in Yalta
Images: How to relax in Yalta How to relax in Yalta