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How to remember the colors of the rainbow

A rainbow is a meteorological natural phenomenon, visible to the eye from a long distance as a multicolored arc or circle (less often). The spectrum of colors is diverse and consists of many shades, but it is customary to single out seven colors, which always come in the following sequence: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and violet. This is due to the refraction (reflection at an angle) of sunlight passing through water droplets. Their light is decomposed into the colors of the indicated spectrum.
In order to facilitate the memorization of the primary colors of the spectrum of the rainbow, two well-known mnemonic phrases are used:
How once Jacques-ringer broke his head with a lantern;
Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant sits.
In these combinations of words, the first letter hint method is used; in the case of a rainbow, they mean the names of colors.
There are other phrases composed on the same principle:
Mole sheep, giraffe, hare blue stitched sweatshirts;
Each designer wants to know where to download Photoshop.
The same techniques are used in many languages, for example, in English:
RICHARD (Red - red) OF (Orange - orange) YORK (Yellow - yellow) GAVE (Green - green) BATTLE (Blue - blue) IN (Indigo - blue) VAIN (Violet - purple).
There are many popular examples associated with the rainbow and determine the weather. For example, if a rainbow is high and narrow, then the weather will be good; if it is low and wide, then the weather will be bad.
Each observer will see a rainbow in his own way because of the difference in density and size of water droplets visible from his point of view.
There is a lunar rainbow, but it is much paler than solar because of the weak intensity of moonlight.
The misty rainbow is white with almost no color, but can sometimes be slightly colored in purple (on the inside) and in orange (on the outside).

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How to remember the colors of the rainbow

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How to remember the colors of the rainbow

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