10min Of This Burns Belly Fat Fast : 100% Bodyweight Workout

How to remove the male belly

Make, above all, a nutrition program. Do not consume extra calories, try to reduce your diet by approximately 500 kcal per day. You should also exclude sugary drinks (coffee, tea with sugar, juices, soda, and so on). Better drink milk with a low percentage of liquid, green tea without sugar. By the way, sweets should be excluded not only in liquid form: stop eating chocolate, bakery products, fast food products, ice cream and much more. If you want to treat yourself to something tasty, replace the usual sweets with a fruit dessert or low-fat yogurt. Eliminate fried dishes from your menu, do not forget about vegetable soups (one plate containing only 80 kcal will satisfy hunger well).
Develop a set of exercises that will target a whole group of different muscles.stomacha. Strengthen, for example, the lower part of the press will help work with the legs (the body must remain motionless): their bending and straightening, raising and lowering, as well as circular and cross-movement.The work of the legs, not of the legs, but of the torso, can now bring the muscles in the upper section (now the legs should be fixed). Simultaneous movements of both legs and torso will help you to “include” the work of most of the abdominal muscles. It is worth noting that this option will be most effective, however, in the early days of class you should not overwork and exceed the permissible loads.
Pay attention to the fact that it is possible to achieve the best results if you press a press on an empty stomach (an organism that does not receive energy from the outside will begin to burn the existing subcutaneous fat). In addition, it is better to do heavier exercises, but in smaller quantities than to perform a lot of light.

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How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week (Men & Women) | 10 Easy Tips
How to remove the male belly

How to remove the male belly

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