Remove Riot Shields from bots MW2 RepZ Bug Fix

How to remove the shields from bots

The easiest way to disableshieldsatbotswhen training takes place on a special server. The network game has wider settings, including among the functions there is an anti-cheat installation, the removal of shields. This method, though simple, is not universal, because, most likely, the training of several people or more will not suit everyone. You can remove the shield on your own server as follows: Directory with the game Counter Strikecstrikeaddonsamxmodxconfigsweaprest.ini installed. In this file you need to enter the shield and save. Or there is another convenient way: use the AdminMOD server application, in the settings of which there is also a “remove the shield” function.
Shut-off of boards in a single game, without the obligatory network connection, is carried out as follows: during the game, after addingbots(for addingbotsneed to enter into the console "" Add bot). Again, you need to enter the following installation in the console: bot_allow_shield 0. The method is simple, but it can create discomfort, because you need to enter this command every time you play.
In order for bots to be more difficult (training), and optimally tuned, it is best to install additional applications to the game.

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How to remove the shields from bots

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How to remove the shields from bots

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