How To Fix a Scratched Disc Like a PRO

How to repair a damaged DVD

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - damaged DVD;
  • - SuperCopy program.
The main criterion for successful recovery of information from a DVD is the degree of damage to this storage medium. If there are only a few scratches on it, most likely, the degree of information loss will be almost zero. But if the disc is badly scratched or scratched, data loss can be significant.
To recover information from the disk, you need the SuperCopy program. This program is non-commercial, you can download for free. It takes up little space - less than one megabyte and does not require installation. You will also need a blank disk to overwrite the recovered information on it.
Insert the damaged disc into the optical drive of the computer. Run the SuperCopy program. Next in the program window, select "File". In the menu that appears, select the line "Select file to copy." A search box will appear. Indicate the path to the optical drive where the damaged disk is located. Then select the files you want to recover. Next, click "Open."After the files are selected, again select “File” in the program window, but this time click on “Select file to save” and select the folder where the recovered files should be saved.
Now in the main menu of the program, select "Settings". Under the line "Reading Direction" is an arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button, and in the menu click on "Read first, then back." This method of reading a disk recovers the maximum amount of information from damaged disk media. Next, in the “Error handling” line, uncheck the box and click OK. Then in the main SuperCopy menu, select "Copy." The process of copying files from a damaged disk will begin.
Below in the main window of the program there is a “Run bar”. As soon as the band reaches the end, the process will be completed. All files that can be restored will be saved in the folder you selected. Now you can overwrite them on a blank disc.

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How to repair a damaged DVD

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How to repair a damaged DVD

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