How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Opera

How to restore tabs in Opera

At the next launch after an abnormal shutdown, the browser will show a dialog box in which you will be offered a choice of four resume options - check the “Continue from the place of disconnection” option and press the “Start” button.
If you use the option described in the previous step, for some reason failed, and the browser is already running, try "manually" to save the information about the tabs opened in the previous session. It is stored in a temporary file called To get to it, you will need a file manager - "Explorer". Start it by pressing the Win + E shortcut key. Then open the Opera menu and in the Help section select the About item. The browser will create a new page with information in which the location of its work files is indicated.
In the “Paths” section of the “About the Program” page, find the line “Saved Session” and copy the file address contained in it.It can look, for example, like this: D:
Switch to the "Explorer" window and click the address bar in a place free from text to be able to edit its contents. Paste the copied address and remove the file name from it (, leaving only the path to the folder. Press Enter, and the file manager will display the objects in this folder.
Delete the file, and remove the last four characters (.bak) from the name After that, close and reopen Opera. The likelihood that those present in the previous browser sessiontabswill be restored as a result of these manipulations, very large.
Tabs may also be unavailable due to disabling the display of the panel on which they are placed. This problem is very easily solved through the Opera menu. Since the button for calling this menu is also not displayed in this situation, open it by pressing the Alt key. Then go to the “Toolbars” section and check the “Tabs” item.

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Images: How to restore tabs in Opera How to restore tabs in Opera
Images: How to restore tabs in Opera How to restore tabs in Opera
Images: How to restore tabs in Opera How to restore tabs in Opera