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How to save gardenia

You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • - soap solution;
  • - insecticidal tablets;
  • - special preparations (Actellic, Neoron);
  • - lemon juice.
In the event that small black dots appear on the leaves of the gardenia, the leaf begins to turn black and fall off, which means that your plant has been affected by pests - scale insects, which suck the juice from the plants. The first thing you need to do - remove these pests with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.
Then treat the leaves with warm soapy water. Remember that you need to wash carefully, otherwise the pests will remain and after two weeks will begin to suck the juice again. After removing the flaps, within a week, treat the plant with an alcohol solution. To do this, moisten the swab and again wipe each leaf.
Some flower growers use insecticidal tablets for prophylaxis, for example, Substral, Inta-vir, Maxim, etc. These drugs stick deep into the soil where the plant is planted. Do not spraygardeniainsecticidal solutions - it does not tolerate this.
Gardenia can die from the bay. She likes wet soil, but does not tolerate stagnant water. Water it with warm settled water, preferably boiled. In no case do not allow drafts, sudden changes in temperature - all this will kill the plant.
Sometimesgardeniaaffects spider mite. To get rid of it, spray the plant with solutions made from Actellic, Neoron and others. Damaged flowers should be removed. Make the treatment once a week with different preparations, as the tick quickly adapts to the poisons. Remember that the spider mite does not tolerate moisture, so often treat the plant with separated water.
Gardenia loves acidified soil, and when there is a lack of acidity, the leaves of the plant may turn yellow and fall off.

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How to Save a Gardenia Plant
How to save gardenia

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How to save gardenia

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