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How to sell the matrix used for laptops

Hurt the laptop's matrix is ​​very simple. As a rule, the main reason for its failure is to close the lid of the laptop in a situation where there is an object on the keyboard, such as a pencil or a pen. It is impossible to restore the damaged matrix, the only repair option is to replace it. Matrices fail often enough, so they are always in demand.
Before trying to sell a matrix, evaluate its real value. To do this, determine the type of matrix, it can be done on the documents of a laptop or finding the relevant information on the network. After that, find on the Internet information on the sale of similar components. As a rule, a new matrix for a laptop costs from 3 to 7 thousand rubles, the price depends on its size and characteristics.
The used matrix will obviously be cheaper than the new one, its specific price depends on the level of preservation.As a rule, when buying from hands, they usually look only at the state of the screen surface, since it is impossible to check the health of the matrix without installation. Therefore, before selling, make sure that the screen surface is completely clean. Use to clean it up with special cleaning wipes.
You can sell the matrix in several ways. The easiest way to take it to any service center, but in this case, you can sell it at a very low price. Repair shops are unprofitable to buy used parts at high prices, so you can count on no more than two-thirds of its cost, taking into account wear and tear. For example, if a new matrix costs 3,000 rubles, a used one is 2, then you will be given 1,500 rubles for it at best.
Place in the newspaper advertisement for the sale of the matrix, specify the types of laptops to which it fits. The necessary information can be found on the net. Immediately specify the price, it will save you from unnecessary calls. The probability that there will be a buyer on the matrix is ​​quite high.
If you live in a large city, place an ad for sale on popular urban sites.Be sure to attach a high-quality photo of the matrix. Do not forget that the availability of customers directly depends on how profitable the product will be. Therefore, make sure that the photo was professional. In extreme cases, find a high-quality image of the matrix in the network.

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How to sell matrix bu for laptops

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How to sell matrix bu for laptops

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