Installing and Configuring Dedicated Lines using Cisco Routers

How to set up a dedicated line

Data checking
When you have a contract with a provider, a company representative must provide you with all the necessary data to manually configure the network. If for some reason you did not have these documents, then you need to contact the support service of your Internet provider. You must be provided with the following data: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, proxy server (if provided by the provider), Home Page address (the address of the provider’s home page).
Making a connection
To create a new connection, go to “Control Panel”, “Network Neighborhood” (Win XP), or “Control Panel”, “Network and Sharing Center” (Win 7 / vista). From the list, select "Local Area Connection." If there is no connection, check if the internet cable is connected or reinstall the driver for the network card. Call the context menu by right-clicking on “Local Area Connection”. Select “Properties”, “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”, “Properties”. Now fill in all the data provided by your ISP.
Configure VPN connection
Launch the "New Connection Wizard". Select "Connect to the network at the workplace" and click "Next." Click "Connect to a virtual private network." In the line "Organization" write the name specified in your documents. After creating a connection, go to its properties. In the "General" tab, specify the address of the VPN server. In the advanced security settings, check the CHAP password checkbox. Start the connection shortcut and enter the name and password provided by the operator.
Now open your browser and go to any site. If nothing happened, do not be discouraged. Settings will be applied after a while (15 - 20 min). If you have any problems, contact the support service provider.

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How to set up a dedicated line

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How to set up a dedicated line

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