Small Office Networking - Intro (series part 1)

How to set up a small network

You will need
  • - Network hub.
If you want to combine multiple computers into a smallnetthen use a network hub for this. Connect the hub to AC power. Prepare the required number of RJ-45 network cables. It should be equal to the number of connected computers.
Connect the network adapters of all computers to the hub using the cables you purchased. Turn on one of these computers and configure its settings. They recommend using static IP addresses because the network hub does not have the function of automatically distributing computer addresses.
Open the network connection list of the selected computer. Find the icon of the network adapter connected to the hub. Go to its properties. Highlight the "Internet Protocol TCP / IP" line. Click the "Properties" button located at the bottom of the work menu.
Click on the item "Use the following IP-address." Enter the IP address of this network card in the first field of this menu.In this case, you can use any available address, because computers are not connected to external resources. Click the Ok button to save the network card settings.
Configure the network cards of other computers in the same way. Each time you need to enter a new value of the IP address. Ideally, they should differ only in the last segment.
Now configure the firewall on each computer. Allow access to shared resources to all computers that are part of the home group. Naturally, it is necessary to choose this type of connection when the corresponding window appears. To change the type of group, open the Network and Sharing Center. Open the "Select homegroup and sharing options" menu. Configure the menu that opens, specifying the parameters that you think are optimal.

Video: Basic Office Network setup

Budget Home Network Tour/How To
How to set up a small network

Fundamental components of small business I.T. network
How to set up a small network

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