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How to sew a kite

Prepare a large area for manufacturingkitea. The best option here would be a private courtyard, a place in the garage or workshop. At the same time, remember that nothing should interfere with your work and the space should be cleaned of excess litter.
Buy a lightweight fabric (polyester). Take an A1 paper and draw a wing sketch using a felt-tip pen or pencil. Cut the sketch.
Take the first wing pattern and attach it to the fabric, securing with pins or push pins. This must be done to ensure that the paper does not slide on the material.
Take a pulsed soldering iron and with the help of his cut out the item in two copies. Glue the two carved did. This can be done with the help of double-sided tape, whose thickness is not more than 6 mm. In this case, glue the halves of the resulting wings must be overlapped (10 mm).
Purchase a pre-reinforced tape 1.5 cm wide and about 80 cm long. This tape is necessary to strengthen the spine stitch. Prepare a sewing machine and attach the tape. At the same time, you need to make 3 zigzag stitches along the edges and in the center of the tape and fasten from tape to edgekitea.
Sew a capron thread into the edges.kitea.
Strengthen the edgekiteand with the help of strong fabric. Sew the thread in such a way that there is a loop around the bottom edges, about 10 cm in diameter. Make the leading edgekiteand with the help of waterproof fabric and double-sided tape. The material should be chosen tight. The width of the border should be about 6 cm.
Roll around the edge of everythingkiteand about 10 cm of fabric, this will make the edges more rigid and strong.
Make a pocket of durable fabric, which will be fixed reinforcement, stitch it tokitey Pocket width, about 8-10cm. As a fabric, an ordinary car seat belt is perfect.
Cut a hole in the pocket for the T-joint using a pulsed soldering iron. Be careful, do not forget to strengthen the junction lines. This can be done from the same fabric as the pocket itself, not forgetting to make in this reinforcement three holes for the sling.
Make small holes at the edges.kiteand at a distance of 5 cm from the edge. Make cuts for the top and bottom rail connectors, 5 cm in size.
Install the snap ring.
Insert in the center slotkitea t-connector.�Then - prepared reinforcement and fix it.
Kite is ready.

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Images: How to sew a kite How to sew a kite
Images: How to sew a kite How to sew a kite
Images: How to sew a kite How to sew a kite
Images: How to sew a kite How to sew a kite